Day Of: Pt 1

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of my many DIY projects, but I do have a variety of wedding photography available to me since my photographer was sooo awesome. (Sometimes you really can make lemonade out of lemons... Such as finding another awesome photographer when your first photographer backs out!)

Darwin Young Photography

The way I see my wedding day is in three parts. The first part of the day consisted mostly of getting awesome photography taken by Darwin Young. We got started late, and I can honestly say that I am not at all sure where the bridal party was during the majority of the morning. I know that I did not get to eat breakfast, and I was so distracted that I forgot quite a number of things. We knew we were limited on time, so we had to get images taken quickly. Furthermore, my flower bouquet started falling apart from the moment I was handed it. It was very frustrating and distracting.

Luckily, while we were busy getting amazing photographs, my coordinators (the site coordinator and the amazing Jessie Patton of Wildflower Events) were setting up the gorgeous tables and hanging chandeliers for the amazing would-be reception.

Even though the majority of my morning pictures were posed with the wedding party and family, I am particularly fond of the in-the-moment shots such as this one. I was talking with Annake, one of the flower girls, about how happy I was she was in the bridal party. I was telling her she had a stuffed bunny waiting for her, and she asked me if she could keep it. I almost think I would have been happier if I were receiving a stuffed bunny to hold in pictures!

The morning ended when my bridesmaids and I got to drive off in a fancy car my dad had rented for us. We had a lot of fun going to the church, trying to get a picture as our dresses smooshed together. Unfortunately, the photographer did not get a picture of all 3 of us since one of us tried to hide. It was a fabulous car none-the-less!

Darwin Young Photography


While Justin and I had a LOT of visitors from out of state for the wedding, we really only had one couple visiting us from out of country.

I was completely surprised last fall when I invited a long time online friend to the wedding and he said he would. (Of course I am fairly certain I surprised him when I invited him. *shrugs*)

Anyway, so we met up with him and his significant other approximately 3 hours after they had arrived in Atlanta (and a very quick Bloomingdales is going out of business and we want feather pillows run). We met up at Mary Mac's Tearoom, a restaurant I had never been to before. I was worried about recognizing him (probably because I worry about everything), but I had no need to be. While I was off in my own little world walking down the street with Justin, our foreign friends pulled up in their rental car and Justin recognized them off the bat. Go figure. My friend... Justin recognizes. (I guess this is normal for me.)

Ehh... don't worry. It gets better. Not only is Justin the first to recognize, but he is not shy (unlike me). Immediately they make a connection talking about food... and later on in the trip... shoes*. *sigh* What do you do? Apparently shoes and food are two very important topics. lol. Mmm... slushies. Or daiquiris... whatever they are!

Anyway, the point is that Stefan and Sonja are two amazing individuals that we are so thrilled were able to come and celebrate our wedding with us. Thank you for being the furthest flying most awesome German friends a person could ask for!

*Was informed that I needed to make sure my readers were aware that the shoes they bonded over were "manly" and "geeky" rather than being heels. ;)

Darwin Young Photography 

Rehearsal Dinner

After a crazy Thursday that ended up being far more busy than originally anticipated, there came Friday.

Justin was still doing last minute touches on the dresses and reception decorations while Marion, my parents, brother, and I were prepping to move the decorations and bottled drinks from my house to the reception site. Luckily, when we were moving the reception site "stuff", only one major snafu occurred. I dropped some Izzes breaking two and cutting my foot. :(

After that, it was running around like crazy. So crazy, in fact, that I missed lunch altogether! Justin and I went to get my hair flowers and then we went to pick up 96 cupcakes from the bakery.

By the time Justin and I returned to my house, it was really time for us to head to the church. My parents and brother (and Justin's sister) weren't even getting ready! I think it may have been the fastest we have ever moved getting ready and getting out of the house. Unfortunately, even though my family was right on time, Justin still arrived approximately 15 minutes late. Oh well. There were a number of people that were not able to make it to the rehearsal.

I guess the rehearsal went as smoothly as possible considering the number of people that could not come.

We later enjoyed a crowded clam bake at Justin's parent's house. It was nice spending time with both families. However, I think the wedding party enjoyed our trip to Café Intermezzo just a little bit more. Drinks and dessert (or fruit and cheese) is always a fun way to end the day. I think we were up until midnight before deciding to part ways.

4 Days Later

I am very excited to report that not only did Justin and I follow through and actually get married 4 days ago, but that we also had an amazing weekend. There were a few snafus but everything seemed to work out for the best.

Darwin Young Photography

Counting Down...

Justin and I are scrambling to finish projects. We are so busy!

I have to say that all of the lovely family and friends that are coming in for the "big" day makes me oh-so-very over-the-moon happy. (I knew I had a lot of adoring fans, but really?! You all had to come see me?! lol.) In truth, you are all so very awesome and special to me (even those that can't make it).

Tomorrow we have quite the day scheduled beginning with taking music and "stuff" to the reception site and ending with a rehearsal dinner with lots of exciting and wonderful people!

I am also feeling quite special in that Ms. Marion is here with me to help with last minute things. Talk about an awesome maid of honor! :)

Hope you all have a good weekend. My next post will be as a "Mrs."! :)

Ahhh!!! 4 days left!

So we have been busy, busy, busy working on programs and bridesmaid dresses. We are almost finished, but it has not been without a fight. (For me, the fight was with glue. Justin fought the sewing machine.)

I am currently getting all of the decorations in line and making sure vendors are on top of things.

I can hardly believe we have so little time before the wedding!

I am very excited about all of the DIY and little touches Justin and I have brought into the wedding though. Yay!

Day #513

Ok, so I am exaggerating a bit when I say that the planning day for this wedding is so high.

This week has been crazy stressful as Justin and I try to finish the final touches. Justin is still working on bridesmaid dresses and I am trying to finish all of the paper "products" that will be found at the wedding including the programs. I'm not worried about us finishing on time (although maybe I should). I know I have my mom's help (but I also know she is tired of gluing). Don't worry dear friends. I am super excited about the programs, and if you are coming to the wedding -- you should be too! They are my favorite paper product from this whole wedding "experiment".

Today I will try to finish some decorations as well as the maps for the wedding programs. I have quite a bit to finish. Wish me luck!