The Search for Accessories

Over the past few months I have searched and searched for the right wedding accessories to go with my dress. If you can recall, my search for a wedding dress took much longer than I wanted or expected. My search for accessories was both much shorter and less time consuming than I initially thought. While it is true that I had been looking for accessories since before I bought my wedding dress, I didn't actually start really searching until this month. Between the ordering of my dress and the alterations, I didn't have a clue what I would be wearing. I knew what it looked like, but I didn't remember it well enough to be able to search knowing what would look good with my dress.

About 3 weeks ago, my parents and I went the mall so that I could register at Macy's for gifts. We snuck a peak in Icing where I found a beautiful pearl necklace with rhinestones. Since I was uncertain as to whether or not I wanted pearls or rhinestones in my jewelry, this was a fantastic find! This was followed by finding the ties for the guys on clearance at Macy's! Yay for saving money!

Then 2 weeks ago my mom and I went out. I was not at all expecting to find anything. I bought the first pair of shoes that came along that sort of fit and looked decent on me. Eh. THEN! I spotted some kids shoes that I knew would be perfect. My mom and I spent a good hour looking for my size. I had almost given up when I spotted the perfect shoes in a kids size 4 (the perfect size for me). I was excited!

We got on a role and found shawls for the bridal party and myself as well.

So... Moral of the story: When you think you won't find anything... think again! Look in unexpected places! Buy things you only kind of like from stores that have awesome return policies. That's when you will find what you are looking for. :)

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