Reception Excitement!

I am saving a good many of the reception surprises for when friends and family arrive at the reception, but this one surprise is one I simply could not refrain from sharing! Over the weekend, Justin and I obtained the CUTEST camera EVER! All damask and everything, this camera is... exciting!

It is a plastic Diana camera from Urban Outfitters, and I have to say it has (thus far) made all of my photographical dreams come true. The camera is reminiscent of a style made in the 1960's, uses 120mm film, and has absolutely awesome light leaks (and mistakes) that make the photography look unique and artistic (even if the photographer does not know how to shoot!). 

Not only will you find this gorgeous treasure at the reception site with tons of black and white and color film, you will also find one other Diana (with a flash attachment), a plain Holga, and a Holga with a color flash. (SOOOO EXCITING!) We will also probably have some disposable cameras as well. 

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