One of the biggest complications for our wedding was the food. Who would have thought? One of the things we waited until the last minute to handle, and we feel like we've done a pretty amazing job.

I talked with a few caterers that wanted anywhere from $18 to $32 a head for the Italian meal I had envisioned for the reception. I was about to give in and settle when one of the caterers that our coordinator suggested contacted me and said she could provide exactly what I wanted for much less. Needless to say I was thrilled yet concerned that the food would not be good. When Justin and I went to meet up with Bleu House Café the food sold itself and we were thoroughly impressed. We immediately booked Maureen and her staff, and we are so excited to serve their Italian at our wedding. :)

Apparently that hasn't been the end of our food "issues". Next we considered drinks. As awesome as Bleu House Café was being, we still wanted to provide our own drinks. We went out searching for glass bottles and we have found sooo many! Sprites, cokes, Izzes, Dr. Peppers... It is really very exciting! We have found much more than we ever expected to find!

Over the weekend we also managed to work out our sweets. We had already ordered cupcakes from Carolyn's Cupcakes in Decatur and discussed the cupcakes with Justin's grandmother, but we finished our lovely dessert bar by ordering candy! I can imagine a number of kids will find themselves quite happy at the reception!

The next big food issues will be decoration the cupcake/dessert table and putting together the hot drink bar. We are so excited with the variety and we so look forward to sharing our amazing finds with our family and friends.

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