Flowers & Decorations

Justin and I have been all over the place in wedding planning in the last month. Recently the planning has been focused on florals.

We knew we had china to help decorate the table. We also knew we were not planning to pay for a florist to decorate our reception. This is when we started buying bunches and bunches of florals.

I started going floral crazy when I saw what I had (2 cherry blossoms per table), but I had no idea how to arrange them or what to put them in. Luckily, I knew someone who did! Once she helped me decide on how to do the main floral arrangements on the tables, I was able to 1. relax and 2. focus my energy on other decorations.

Y'know... like florals for the dessert table...

and... umm... cute things like awesome hangers for the bridesmaids.

I even got so far as to find (kids size) shoes for me to wear with my wedding dress (Shh... I'm not suppose to tell anyone I have tiny feet!) and a fingerprint tree from someone in the UK! I cannot wait until all my friends and family help to create this wonderful piece of art!

Now... on to programs! Wish me luck! (Oh and I still have to finish music.)

Did I mention the two bridal showers planned for this weekend?

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