One More day...

I am beyond excited to have had one more day of vacation with the lovely and awe inspiring maid of honor Marion. Unfortunately the day was fun-filled invitation creating and anxiety producing. Luckily we had my mom on rubber cement duty bringing my dreams of white and cream to life. Yay!

I know none of you know what the heck I am talking about since you have no idea what exactly it is we did today... other than the obvious (working on invitations). I can assure you, however, that you do not want to know what we did since it may very well stress you out as much as it has me. (Then again... maybe not.)

On a separately wonderful positive note, Justin and I managed to accomplish quite a bit last week on things that were not stationary related:

1. I ordered my reception dress from BHLDN, and it came in within 2 days! Fancy that!
2. Justin managed to finish one of the bridesmaids dresses, and it looks GORGEOUS! We are all super excited to see what the second dress will look like as I know Justin will do an AMAZING job!
3. I have been in contact with a photographer who is super-wonderful and may be able to work with Justin's and my budget. Most importantly, she is available on March 10th! Woo!
4. Along with the help from Justin's parents in looking for a caterer, another caterer contacted me today about an awesome deal for our reception food! Yay!

I would say BRING ON THIS WEEK, since last week I felt like we got a lot accomplished, but instead I will continue to stress over the invitations for the time being.

Happy midnight! (Since I missed New Years...)

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