This, That, and a little bit of Everything

Justin and I have had this week off to get things done. Unfortunately, we have had a lot of running around to do as well. :/  Then... on top of that... I've been feeling yucky. Not quite sick, but definitely not not sick either. *shrugs*

Justin is currently in the process of finishing one of the absolutely gorgeous dresses my bridesmaid will be wearing. It has taken him quite a bit of time, but I know everyone that comes to the wedding will be impressed by how beautiful these dresses are.

As for me, I ordered my reception dress... which I haven't seen in person yet, but my mom says it is absolutely beautiful! I cannot wait to see it!

I have also been working on the wedding stationary which has been driving me INSANE! I get to a point where I think I know what I'm doing and then confusion sets in. I know I will figure it out and it will be beautiful, but I have very limited time to get things done.

Meanwhile Justin and I have been talking with his parents about the rehearsal dinner. I am so excited since I know the dinner will be far better than any restaurant could do. His parents have also offered to help us look for a wedding caterer.

Even though it is now Friday, I feel that we have had a fairly successful week thus far. Hopefully our success will continue into the weekend...

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