InPink Review

In one week, it will be the day after Christmas! Scary to think about, huh?

Anyway, I just wanted to take some time to review InPink since the bridesmaids earrings were purchased from there thanks to a $40 gift card I received from a giveaway by Ciao Bella. Since my bridesmaids have not yet seen the earrings, I will refrain from posting a picture.

I ordered the two sets of earrings using a Black Friday sale in which we got them 40% off meaning I paid $45 (not including the $40 gift card) for $60 worth of earrings!

The first pair of earrings arrived approximately 1 week following the purchase. The earrings arrived in a lovely little box wrapped with a black string that had little pink and white diamonds hanging off of it! So exciting and unexpected! :)

Unfortunately, I had to wait another 2 weeks and a quick and painless phone call later for the second pair. :( I also tried e-mailing InPink, but I never received a response e-mail. I definitely recommend giving InPink a call if you run into a problem, because I was only on the phone for a few minutes before they agreed to send the second pair of earrings. The earrings came within 2 weeks of the phone call.

The earrings I ordered were surprisingly smaller than I originally expected?! I would definitely suggest asking about the approximate length before ordering dangly earrings.

Despite the size discrepancies, the earrings themselves are absolutely gorgeous and very much like the picture available on the website. If you are looking for bridal jewelry, dress-up jewelry or just plain day-to-day jewelry, InPink probably has a style you will like. Even their gift cards are super cute!

So... what are you waiting for? ;)

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