The Dress!

I am no ordinary wedding dress shopper, if there is such a thing as ordinary. Looking for a wedding dress took me a minimum of 2 months and at least 10 dress shops. I shopped high and low, online and offline for that "perfect" dress. At one point I even contacted some of my friends who had previously been brides to get some affirmation that "perfect" dresses actually existed. After all, it is probably not normal to try on a dress and think "I don't like how the sequins are arranged" or "It's pretty, but where is the lace?" lol. I was sooo picky! In fact, I was sooo picky that my parents gave up dress looking with me, and I had to plan "secret" outings with my fiancé just to go to more dress shops. My parents just wanted me to finally decide already! (Oh, and they didn't want Justin to see the dress before the BIG day. Oops.)

Honestly when I found THE dress (as much as any dress can be THE ONE), Justin was with me. (Another oops moment. lol.) He said I looked lovely, but I still had to have at least one other opinion. I tried the dress on for my parents, THEN made them go back and watch me try on the other dresses that I had been considering. That's when, as in chorus, my parents and Justin, together, said "THAT IS THE ONE! QUIT TRYING ON DRESSES!" lol. It's sooo nice when your decision is made for you.

Don't get me wrong. The dress that is THE ONE is absolutely lovely. There were only 2 things I would possibly change about it, and one of those additions is currently hanging on my closet door with the dress until it gets sewn in.

The dress I bought is absolutely gorgeous. It was made to fit me in the shop, so very few alterations will be necessary. I also feel that my dress is unique in that only 1 bridal shop in all of Atlanta carried it. Even so, I've looked online and I can hardly find any pictures of brides wearing it! (I blame it on the terrible picture of the dress that the dress creator took.)

So... my suggestion for picky brides like me:

1. You don't have to cry when you see your dress. I promise. You can. If you feel like it, go for it. You don't have to though. Your future husband probably won't cry when he sees you in it. I'm sorry. He probably won't. That's OKAY.

2. You don't have to like the first dress you try on. In fact, please try on other dresses. Go on a dress hunt like I did calling stores that are out of state. Do whatever it takes to make you feel confident that you have found the perfect dress for you.

3. Keep in mind that changes can be made. When I went dress looking, very few dresses were off-the-shoulder. That is one thing that I was being very particular about. Know that "cap sleeves" can be added. You can also add sashes, sequins, appliques, brooches... You name it!

4. Don't worry about anyone else. They don't have to wear the dress - you do. If you want to look like a clown for your wedding day...

5. Try to have fun and not stress. I hated trying on dresses. I was so relieved when I walked out of the store after purchasing my dress, because I knew I had done my very best at finding a dress I would be happy with.

Am I truly the only one that got angry with dress designers for some of the silly decisions they make when designing dresses?

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