Tiger Lilly Review

Ada earrings
I was so excited this afternoon when UPS dropped a small box off at my house containing the most beautiful Ada earrings from Tiger Lilly. Initially I had received a $25 gift card for Tiger Lilly from Dress Rush, a company that provides coupons and daily deals for brides. I wasn't sure if I wanted to purchase anything from Tiger Lilly considering the high shipping costs ($8), but when the last day to use the coupon came around (10/31), I decided to go ahead and order anyway. (It helped that they provided the option to pay through paypal!) I figured if the earrings were not wedding-worthy, then I could wear them as normal earrings with any outfit I had.

To my surprise and excitement, these earrings are definitely wedding worthy! They are very sparkly and MUCH prettier in person than they are in the pictures online. I think they will go perfectly with my wedding dress! The earrings are approximately 1.5 inches long providing a nice and dangly look. They also come in sterling silver which works out perfectly for me since I wear more silver than gold. Tiger Lilly even included instructions for cleaning the jewelry!

Tiger Lilly did a magnificent job packaging my earrings if not being a little too careful. The box I received in the mail was not obviously jewelry since it was a bit big. You can tell that they think highly of their jewelry since they package it in a box and send it via UPS (instead of just bagging it and sending it through USPS. So even though shipping costs are high, the money is obviously used to make sure that you do in fact receive your jewelry. The earrings themselves came in a smaller cute box with the company's logo image of a tiger lilly on it. Very cute indeed!

The jewelry from Tiger Lilly is exquisite and it seems as though the company takes great efforts to make sure you receive your order within a short amount of time packaged so that your jewelry arrives in pristine condition. I would definitely encourage other women, including brides, to take a look at what Tiger Lilly has to offer!

I was not provided with any compensation or object for this review. These are my personal opinions regarding the company at hand.

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