Postage Stamps!

I swooned over the images from Martha Stewart (and the like) of wedding invitations covered in vintage stamps, but as of Monday I thought vintage stamps were out of my reach.  I contacted multiple stores who were completely unhelpful.  I sought advice on google, and I researched the postage sellers that they mentioned.  None of it was helpful though, because they all wanted more money for postage than I was willing to spend.

I had contacted a seller (Stamps Unlimited) on 10/17 in Atlanta who said he might be able to help me out.  When I called him, he had changed his mind.  He didn't think he had what I was looking for, but I was free to come in.  I decided "what the heck!" and I went in.  He had a box full of 30% off stamps that he was willing to sell to me.  My parents sat with me for a good 2 hours (maybe 3) going through these stamps picking out colors and designs.  I had a really hard time imagining what my invitations would look like, but I knew that however they looked, these stamps would make that look complete.

Following my trip to Stamps Unimited, I found what would have been useful advice for vintage stamp looking brides like myself.  Apparently, if you go here and find the numbers of the stamps you are looking for, you can use ebay to see if anyone has that stamp possibly buying it below retail.  (Also you can use companies like Zazzle to create your own vintage designed stamp.)

Warning: You may fall in love with vintage stamp collecting!

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