Mandy's Melt Down

What a week! And it's already Wednesday!

I'm still hunting for vintage stamps. Someone at my alma mater posted that she had a box of stamps she wanted to give away, and I am (sooo) hoping that I was the first to respond asking for them. I've also e-mailed a few stores around the Atlanta area in hopes that they can help (even if that means giving me another lead).

In other news, I freaked out on Monday night about my save-the-dates. I had some critique from my parents. That combined with my being tired resulted in... major stress. You know... AAAaaahhh! And pulling my hair out. That kind. Luckily, I think I have everything worked out now to a point in which I am happy. (Or at least content.)

Tonight Justin and I are going to sign a lease for our reception location! After our last location was transformed into an office resulting in five more months of looking, I will be SOOOO EXCITED to finally be done! And s'mores! lots and lots of s'mores! Yay!

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  1. good luck! thanks for visiting my blog!! Let me know what date you book for your reception and I'll add you to my blogging brides page!


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