A Love that's Warm and Bright

Who isn't loving this cooler weather? I won't lie. I am ready for warm drinks, blankets, a fire, and a good book!

Last week was rather exciting and a little busy. Justin and I went to the Fox on Wednesday night to see Wicked with his friend Edgar. It was not quite what I was expecting and yet exactly what I was expecting. The story of the wicked witch was enchanting and I loved how The Wizard of Oz was incorporated into the story. I think the details along with the choreography really made the story.

Following our late night out at the Fox, on Thursday we went to Justin's dad's retirement party. His dad took us on a tour of the Kroger sorting facility before a meal of barbecue and dessert at Café Intermezzo.

As far as wedding planning, Justin and I got a variety of things accomplished but nothing specific. Justin spent most of his time working on my rehearsal dinner dress while I researched djs/bands. We also finished getting silverware for the reception as well as some window panes that I have no idea what we will do with! I'm hoping a creative and exciting idea will come to me!

Justin and I will have a lot of decisions to make this week. Our photographer e-mailed us saying that she is pregnant and due within 2 weeks of our wedding. She offered two options for us to think about. We also heard back from our potential reception site. We are looking to go book on Wednesday if everything works out.

Any suggestions as to what to do with our window panes would be wonderful! Thus far we have seen window panes used as menus and seating charts.

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