China, China, & China (Not the Country)

Why is that the weekends seem to go by sooooooo fast?! Just as you start to pull your life together (or wedding), the weekend ends and you are back to work again. It never fails.

The majority of our weekend was devoted to garage sales. While we did get a large assortment of tea cups and saucers, there was one find that just blew me away.  One lady was getting rid of a $3 JC Penny blue blanket that I knew would be perfect for Justin's bed. It was soooo soft and in absolutely perfect condition. And it looks absolutely perfect on Justin's bed, by the way.

We worked on cleaning Justin's apartment before enjoying a fun dinner out at Taqueria and cupcakes from Carolyn's with some of Justin's coworkers.

On Sunday Justin sewed on the dress I will wear to the rehearsal dinner (which is looking awesome by the way!) and I created our registry (which I am so excited about!). I still find it funny how much we have accomplished since January and yet... it seems there is sooo much more to do! Maybe by March we will have it all done!


As an aside, I just wanted to acknowledge the loss of an amazing business man, Steve Jobs. I cannot imagine my life without the creation of Apple. (Especially since Justin just upgraded me to Lion.)

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  1. Sounds like you had a productive weekend! Yard sales are the best for great finds!


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