Another day at the Anthro Store

While Anthropologie has always been my favorite store, only recently (this year) have I been enjoying it just a bit too much. *shrugs* Justin thinks the clothes at Anthropologie are well made, so he had no problem buying me a few things in the sales rack over the weekend.

Last Blooming Skirt from Anthropologie
Justin and I had been watching this skirt since it first came to Anthro stores back in July. I thought it was adorable, but there was no way I was willing to shell out the $100+ for it. (So we waited until it came down in price x2). The skirt has lovely little accents like the bee on the waist and the embroidered pollen on the pink flower. I also love that it is very similar to a circle skirt. I haven't really found anything to wear with it yet, but I am so excited to add it to my wardrobe! With all of the bright colors and the very muted beige color that the skirt is, I'm certain something in my closet will look lovely with this skirt!

This purchase, the Pansy Corset Trench Coat (also from Anthropologie) was not at all expected as I did not even know the coat existed! We spotted it in the clearance section and fell in love. I always love the unexpected details Anthro throws into their clothes like the corset back of this coat! So pretty! This coat is really fun to wear! As you may notice on the Anthropologie site, the coat fits a bit tight in the bust/shoulders area, but it looks absolutely amazing through the waist and hips with a very flattering hourglass fit. Also worth noting is that the coat is not waterproof. Still worth the money in my opinion since it is such a lovely coat!

Anthropologie's Fair Lady Trench Coat
I knew this coat was on sale from the last time I was looking in clearance and that is why I wanted to go back and get a second look. I remembered loving it from first sight back when I took my bridesmaids dress looking. Come time for a second look, I ended up passing on it. The sleeves fit me better on this coat than the red coat, but I found the buttons to be awkward and confusing.  It's also a really plain color and has a hard time competing with... bright red coats.

So... if you LOVE Anthropologie and you want one of the items I just mentioned, I'd suggest you head to your nearest Anthro store and see what clearance you can find!

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