Wedding News, A Review, & 9/11

Yesterday was quite a day with the 9/11 remembrance ceremonies and services. I shall eternally be grateful for the men and women who risked their lives, lost their lives, and the families of those people that may still be suffering from the consequences of 9/11 to this day. I heard a lot of stories yesterday that touched me... especially one particular story a mom told about her 26 year old son on the 103rd floor of the World Trade Center and how no one above floor 95 made it out alive. They were just normal people going to work that day, and they had no reason to believe that anything out of the ordinary would happen.

I won't go into details but I was just in high school at the time of 9/11/01. I did not fully understand what was happening, and I'm afraid to say that I still don't completely understand. I don't think any of us will for a very long time.


On a happier note, I received the book I spent hours working on at Paper Coterie.

It was fun to receive in the mail, but, having tried other book-making sites, I found this one to be on-par or worse than others. The book looks very much like a child's story book. Cute, functional, but not very impressive.

Creating the book was time consuming (they always are), but the company did not offer many ideas about how to display pictures on the page. There were also not enough backgrounds. I would have preferred to choose the style of the book and be able to select any background I wanted rather than only being able to choose backgrounds that were similar to the style of the book I chose. I was also unable to tell how the side images of the book fit with the cover image. After printing was complete, I discovered my side image was off by a few inches. Very disappointing. The fonts that they had to choose from were lovely though!

Overall, the book creation process was a bit difficult and the book is very simple in design. I would love to see Paper Coterie make the design process a bit easier, provide more options, and to improve the standards of their book-making providing professional looking books rather than the storybook style.


Finally, I am soooo excited because I just found out that a long-time friend from Germany is planning to fly to Atlanta for my wedding! I don't think he's ever been to the U.S. and so I know he must be nearly as excited as I am for him to be coming!

Then, on top of that, my fiancé just got a raise and a promotion! Go Justin!

Over the weekend, we ordered a few of our engagement pictures from PPR. I've never used a professional printing service, so I am really excited to see the quality of the pictures and the paper that they use. ;We should get our pictures back on Wednesday.

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