Wacky Weekend

I'm not entirely sure what I was thinking, but I thought 3 days off would be calming... relaxing... easy...

not so much.

Justin and I stayed busy the entire weekend. We celebrated his birthday with family, went shopping for me clothes and instead found tea cups and saucers for the wedding (in pink and blue!), celebrated his grandmother's wedding, and went shopping with my two bridesmaids (which is an experience I will not soon forget!).

Unfortunately, I am still going crazy over wedding stationery. I e-mailed my 2 bridesmaids tonight, and then realized how much easier it would be if my wedding website were complete and we could communicate through a single website or e-newsletters. Unfortunately, I know very little about servers and my fiancé cannot seem to get the server prepped for wordpress. :(

We are trying to figure out how to handle bridesmaid attire as my two bridesmaid cannot seem to agree on a single style dress. I'm sure we will get it all figured out, but I am fairly certain that I am more patient in dealing with this than they are.

I've also been researching places to print professional photos. I would like to print a few sets of my engagement pictures and put them in a nice envelope for some family, but I'm not sure where to print. I may try a few places.

We received our Kitchenaid mixer from Amazon but we were sorely disappointed in that it seems to be making a sound?! We are planning on sending it back, but I know I (and perhaps Justin) was hoping we could start baking cupcakes soon. :)

Luckily, we have amazing family and friends that are willing to help us get things done! I'm not sure what we would do without them!

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