Picking a Date

Over the weekend my mom asked me why Justin and I are planning on marrying in March. Here is what it came down to:

1. Wedding season in GA lasts from April/May to October. We were trying to go the cheaper route by marrying in the off-season so that we might could get some discounts.

2. We didn't want dates/months that other people had. Justin's mom said not to get married in May since she has Mother's Day, her birthday, and her wedding anniversary all right then. My parent's anniversary was in February. Justin's sister's birthday is in January. And Justin has some other friends that married in January. My birthday is in July and Justin's is in August so I didn't want to touch those months. Justin and I have a few friends that married in June (not to mention one of our bridesmaids has her birthday then). My aunt and uncle were married (their second wedding) in December.

3. We didn't want to be typical and (abuse holidays. This took out Valentine's Day and the month of February (in general).

4. We/I wanted some of the reception outside which took out May through September also January and February.

5. We wanted our friends to come without having Christmas totally deplete them of money and keep them from attending. This excluded November through February. (I <3 Black Friday!)

*catches breath* This left March (which is a good month for cherry blossoms!).

I think the only thing we may be conflicting with is St. Patrick's Day! And who really pays attention to that anyway?

(As to the actual day, we were going for something close to our first day of dating 8/8/04. This left either December or a week day. We/I decided to suck it up and just deal with the 10. What's in a date anyway? :-P)

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