Justin's Birthday (& STDs)

This Wednesday was Justin's birthday. In celebration, I got him a Boston cream cake, which inevitably had too much icing. Go figure. I even had to go to multiple grocery stores just to find it! Later this weekend, we will be having a birthday dinner with his family - probably fish. Hopefully he had a good birthday.

I've been furiously working on Save-the-dates and trying to come up with a theme for our wedding stationery. Recently I've been on a vintage kick trying everything from using instagram to old style patterns. I'm not quite sure what I am hoping will come of it, but I am trying every option I can think of.

This weekend we are planning on taking our bridesmaids to look for dress styles/patterns they like, so that we can get started on that. I think Justin and I are both looking forward to a nice loooooooonnnnnnngggg 3 day weekend. :)

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