Still Working...

This week I ended up taking a momentary break from wedding related things since I wasn't feeling well.

Instead, my fiancé and I took a drive up to Jasper to pick up his wedding ring. We then made a pitstop in Marietta to look in antique stores. We walked all the way around the square and we stopped in every S.I.N.G.L.E. antique shop. We saw everything from old medical supplies, to records, photography equipment, clothes, old sewing tools, patterns, china, so on and so forth... We even stopped in a local cupcake shop for a s'mores cupcake! Mmm!

Justin managed to get his truck fixed on Sunday while I rested and worked on stds. Crazy as it may seem, I am almost thinking my current design is too modern for the style of wedding we are having and thus may need to be reworked. *le sigh* I'm sure I will figure it all out soon!


  1. I'm sure you'll figure it out!

    I just sw the price of gold these days is like $1,800 an OUNCE (making it on par with platinum, yikes!) did you find that affected your choice of wedding rings at all?

  2. Actually, my fiancé is quite knowledgeable about metals, so I let him decide. He could not wear a gold or white gold, because he often finds himself soldering metals together at his work. We were originally going to go with platinum for his ring, but we found a store about an hour and a half away from where he lives that was going out of business. He ended up picking out a titanium ring for a 1/3 of it's regular price. He's happy -- thus I'm happy. :) Unfortunately, we are getting a platinum ring for me since my engagement ring is platinum. I'm afraid that will cost quite a bit. :/


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