Halfway Mark!

My fiancé and I have made it halfway through our engagement (not totally) unscathed!

We felt rather productive (regarding the wedding) this weekend even though we were extremely busy with non-wedding things.

On Friday, I went and bought an amazing couch that we hope to use in our wedding photography. My dad bought this amazing trunk that my fiancé and I are also planning on using at our reception. Finally, I picked out some unique tea cups (45) and saucers (70-ish) that we will be using at the wedding. It was quite exciting. After Justin got off work on Friday, he and I took care of some other big expense items that will make our lives easier following the wedding. (In my opinion, the couch will make our lives easier... because it's awesome! But what do I know?)

Then, yesterday, I got to show my grandparents my engagement pictures. I went ahead and purchased all of them. I'm planning on putting together little photography packages for my grandparents and Justin's parents when the photos come in.

We got to spend some nice relaxing time with my grandparents before heading home today.

On our way home, Justin spotted a jewelry store that was going out of business. We stopped in and lo-and-behold, he found his perfect wedding ring for approximately half of it's original price. Obviously, he bought it and we are expecting it to come in sometime during the week. We might go looking at antique stores for more tea cups and saucers when it comes in? The last stop of the day was at a bridal show where I spoke with a few djs/bands and one company that provides servers for the reception food. I will be looking these companies up and trying to figure out who else needs to be hired (or not) before the "big" day.

Luckily, along with the big ticket expenses Justin and I made over the weekend, Justin also came to a decision about who he wants in the wedding party. It is so nice to not have him stressing over that!

I was quite a bit stressed spending so much money this weekend, but I am also grateful that a lot of the spending is over-with. I don't have purchases sitting on my shoulders that I know need to happen. All I really need to be worrying about is getting the creative work completed. I will be sooo glad when this all comes together (im)perfectly!

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