Glamour Shots (& Other News)

Over the weekend, Justin and I went to Glamour Shots to have some fun pictures taken. It was the last weekend of their free 8x10 promotion, and I had been wanting to do Glamour Shots since I was... very young. We get in there and everything is going well. We reserve our date, we sign the form, we agree that I will pay $7 for hair and make-up, and they start doing my hair. First of all the hair and makeup artist is sub-par. Not once did I see her clean any of her materials. Furthermore, halfway through the shoot my hair has completely fallen!

Otherwise, Justin and I had a lot of fun. We brought lots of props and we joked with the photographer. I brought this really awesome vintage parasol, some Izze drinks with paper straws, and a few books. The backgrounds shot on were awesome, and I had my amazing Anthropologie dresses. I felt super cute.

After the shoot, they tell us to go walk the mall for 30 minutes while they finish their editing. When we came back in, they told us we had to either pay $7 for the hair and make-up and not get the free 8x10 or $20 for hair and make-up and get the 8x10. I fought them tooth and nail on that. I explained it was bad business practice and that I wouldn't have gotten my hair and makeup done at the extravagant $20 price. Further, we had already signed a sheet saying we were paying $7 for hair and make-up. They gave it to us. Yay! So then we get to look at our pictures... They play this awful slideshow with terrible music... And then proceed to ask us which images we like. We couldn't believe it! Out of 90 shots, we only liked 5!!! And even those were subpar. Having interned in photography, I understand the ropes... and those shots SUCKED! Hair was all over the place, the neck looked awkwardly elongated, crops were awkward, even a few of the shots had Justin's head cropped!! Who in the world gets paid to screw up as badly as they did?!?! I was expecting... beauty... not crud. I want to look my best in these pictures... not with hair sticking up awkwardly, curls framing my face (even more awkwardly)... and I won't go on from there.

My point: NEVER EVER EVER go to Glamour Shots. End rant.


Today I've been working on the Save-the-dates. I came up with this fabulous idea of playing "instagram" with one of our engagement photos. It came out super cute. I'm not completely sold on it just yet. I want to play with the border a bit and the text, but other then that I feel like it's one of my best save-the-date ideas yet. I think we are going to print it as a postcard and buy vintage stamps to mail it out. Doesn't that sound like fun?! :)

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