Overview - Who We Are

While this blog was created mostly for family and friends to keep up with our wedding planning, I decided an overview of myself and Justin might be a good idea for new friends that may be following our humble, little blog.

I am Mandy:
part-time nanny, part-time graphic design intern
photographer, crafter

He is Justin:
work-a-holic (GA Tech graduate, computer engineer)
fantastic cook (and great at every other thing imaginable!)

We met many, many, many years ago. In elementary school.

But I would have nothing to do with him.

Until senior year of high school. We went to prom as friends and within 3 months, we were dating.

Six and a half years later, on Christmas eve, he proposed at Café Intermezzo completely blindsiding me. It didn't matter. I said yes. He had hand picked every aspect of my engagement ring out, "borrowed" one of my rings to obtain my finger size, and asked my dad behind my back. (What was I suppose to say? No????)

Now we are planning our wedding. Hand picking every aspect. I spent 2 months researching photographers, 2 months searching for a dress AT EVERY STORE IN ATLANTA, and I am now going on 1 month looking for a coordinator.

When we started planning, I was going for something plain and simple. Now our wedding can be described in these five words: pink, blue, lace, flowers, vintage. Oh - with some awesome black and white photography thrown in! (Did I mention the cupcakes???!)

Feel free to follow our blog as we prepare for the biggest, most important day in our relationship thus far!

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