Craziest Year Ever

When Justin proposed to me on Christmas eve this past year, I thought things could not get any crazier. My family was going through a difficult time and no one was having a particularly good December. Crazy as it seems, I thought things would settle down! Things have settled to an extent, but Justin and I still find ourselves extremely busy.

I started researching photographers in January and I searched for two months until I found someone I was comfortable with. We drove up to Nashville to meet with Dove Photography and we were sold! They were awesome to speak with and the lovely Whitney had attended school under some of the same professors that I was aware of at UGA. How awesome is that!

Then Justin and I sought out a reception location... that we can no longer use.

We followed that up by seeking an awesome florist like Amy Osaba. I was a bit confused from our first meeting with her, but Justin managed to get things straightened out.

All the while we've been meeting with Father Tim Hepburn of GA Tech trying to get pre-marital counseling out of the way.

And don't even talk to me about dress looking! It took me almost 2 months to find a dress I liked enough to order. Meanwhile I stressed my parents and friends out!

Over the weekend we found an awesome coordinator we are excited to work with! And this weekend we hope to make a decision on our reception location. Then we move on to decorations, food, and stationary! Ack!!!

I think the worst part is that some of my friends don't understand that when I say I'm busy over the weekend with my fiancé, we are typically trying to sort some wedding dilemma out. I do have to say that the greatest reward will come on the day of our wedding when we both know we have given our all to make this day special and "perfect" for us!

Has anybody else gone crazy while engaged or am I alone?

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