Amy Neben's The Bride's Book of Lists

When I first started planning, I was not looking for bridal books. I figured what could be available in a book that I can't find online? I decided to follow a random bride's advice and obtained Bridal Bargains Wedding Planner (by Denise and Alan Fields) to help me plan the wedding; I thought it would offer suggestions on how to save money when purchasing wedding things. I think I paid around $3 for a used copy on Amazon. Unfortunately, this was a very disappointing purchase. At the end of my wedding, I will end up trashing the book feeling that it was almost entirely useless. There are a few ideas and some list-making help, but in general the book only provides general wedding knowledge that can be found online.

I'm not quite sure how I heard about The Bride's Book of Lists, but I am very glad I purchased it. The lists in the book include questions and general advice on talking with and purchasing from wedding vendors. I do not feel that the author Amy Neben is trying to tell me how to go about doing my wedding planning, but rather she is saving me time by providing all of the lists I need in one place. (It is also quite relaxing to go through and see all of the things I have checked off. It makes me feel accomplished.)

If I could re-do Neben's book, I might also have included places for magazine cut-outs and a list of guests. Otherwise her book includes every list you could possibly need for wedding planning! If you are a bride, I definitely encourage going out and purchasing it!

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